Monday, October 1, 2012

July 24, 2012

Hey mom,
 Well, this past week has been nuts. We've gotten aLOT done. We taught over 40 lessons this week. We didn't have any bapisms but we have 3 next weekend so that's alright. One of the ones getting baptized is the girl from Lancaster, South Carolina :) This week I also got to go on exchanges up in Richfield which was alot of fun. LOVE the members there J We drove up early friday morning, exchanged, elder hawkins and elder dallon drove back down to st. George straight away and proselyted there all day while elder Chadsey and I stayed in richfield. Saturday morning they drove back up real early and we re exchanged and came back down. Lots of driving but it was alot of fun. I got to see some recent converts and old investigators i really care about. Most of them are doing really well. There were a few really interesting things that happened in the mission too but none of them are things i'm supposed to tell anyone about ha i reeeaaallyyyyyy wish i could though cause they were crazy.

We got to speak in a sac. meeting today. We talked about modern pioneers. I included you and dad in mine of course, talking about that type of pioneer but also since almost everyone there were already members and wont get the opportunity to be that type of pioneer i talked about how they can be pioneers themselves in their every day life. It was a really fun topic to speak on.

Oh, one other thing. I learned again this week how greatful i am for you and dad and your example. You are amazing people. If we're going by elder bednar's standards, you two live the Lord's standard to a T. He syas that success in life and missionary work comes "when we give everything, and expect nothing". Thinking of your example helped me alot because my companion had a kind of weak day where satan just pounded on him with doubts about his abilities and living up to what's expected of him and such and so he was crying expressing all that while it seemed like everyone else in the world was calling doing the same and for a time i really got frustrated. I had the attitude of, " I have my own worries and insecurities! Who am i supposed to go to?? How am i supposed to carry your burdens, and mine? Or, maybe if you forgot yourself and actually got to work, these problems of yours would go away.." I dunno, weird thoughts and feelings like that ha But i said a prayer and thought about you and dad and how growing up, you've always "given everything, expecting nothing" and instantly i knew i needed to repent and quit that foolish thinking. Why shouldn't i help everyone else? Who says i can't help with their burdens and my own at the same time? That's what Christ does right? So i decided to quit being selfish and looking for something for myself and "give everything, expecting nothing". Once i apologized to Heavenly Father and set in again with that attitude, things actually got alot better really quick. So thank you very very much for yours and dad's examples.

Love you,

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