Monday, October 1, 2012

Aug 20, 2012

Well things here have been very eventful. All the students got back on saturday. We talked to SO many people. We probly made over a hundred trips up and down stairs with boxes helping people move in, we gave ut over a hundred cards with our phone number on it and we got lots of referrals. But then on sunday, yesterday, that's when all the miracles started happening. We're finally being blessed for all those hours knocking doors when there was nothing else to do. We found people like crazy.
 The entire stake met for the first time in a brand new building here in Ephraim. It's the new YSA stake center. It's a 4 1/2 millon dollar building. HUGE. That sucker has 11 bathrooms, 8 bishops offices, 2 chapels and a massive cultral hall. It's pretty big. There were roughly 1000 students there. We have a really good relationship with the stake President, President Bailey. He pulled us both up to the pulpit at the end of the meeting and asked everyone in the congregatin who was willing to help us in the missionary effort to raise there hand. Of course everyone did. But it was neat to look out and see how many people were there. Then after that meeting the whole rest of the day we went to a few different housing complexes and met tons more people.
  We found a girl who had just finished all the missionary lessons right before she moved here for school and wants to be baptized. That was one where we weren't planning to knock on her door but something said we should so we went out of our way and did and there she was. Then we found another guy who has lived in Salt Lake all his life but never met with missionaries or learned about the church and really wants to be taught, etc.
  He was a neat one. We were riding out of of a different set of apartments and from the top floor of the apartments directly across the streets a room full of people shouted "Missionaries!" so we rode over to the building, found their door and knocked on it and met all of them. They were all members so we shared a message with them, ate a piece of cake and left. (we ate SSOO much junk yesterday.) The neat part though was that the door directly across the hallway from them when we knocked on it had the guy wanting the lessons. He doesn't live in that one, he just happened to be there. So if those people wouldn't have yelled and us not have gone and then knocked on the neighbors door like we've been taught to do, we wouldn't have found him. Neat how those things work!

   We moved into a new house this past week too. We're not living with the other elders anymore. It's an older house but we have the whole thing to ourselves. It's really nice cause we can actually ride our bikes home and eat lunch there instead of living 2 miles outside of town up a massive hill. We basically live on campus.

 We had a training with President Leonard on tuesday. When all the new missionaries come into the mission President is supposed to train them on afew basics but they're usually really overwhelmed so he's started coming a few weeks later and training all the new missionaries and their trainers on those things. I've been quizing Elder Larsen on random things while we ride our bikes around lately and teaching him things and he never complains but i can kinda tell e gets annoyed with me. President though in his training brought up and asked about EVERY single one of the things i've been teaching and quizing him on. It did alot to validate to him the things i've been trying to teach him cause he knew all the answers when alot of the other new missionaries didn't. He thanked me later for teaching him those things and he's alot more eager and patient with me now so i'm really grateful for that. 

Well that's about all that's going on here, I hope everyone has a great week. Enjoy having the youngins there, give them a hug and kiss for me :)
   Elder Spurlin

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